Greasemonkey - making Quakr simple

There is a really easy way to use Quakr. By following these instructions you can use Google Maps to find a location and then link through to exactly the same location in Quakr. Also, when you are viewing a geotagged image in Flickr (with heading information) you can navigate directly to that photo in Quakr.

Sounds great - let's do it

The first thing you need is Firefox.

Once you have that, you will need to add Greasemonkey. Click on the 'Download' link at the top of that page and then on the green 'Install Now' button on the 'Firefox Add-ons' page it takes you to.

After you have installed Greasemonkey, restart Firefox.

Then return here and click on the links below and select 'Install This User Script'.

Flickr to Quakr

Google Maps to Quakr

That should be it! See the screenshots below for where to find the new links.


flickr quakr link

Google Maps

google maps quakr link