Quakr is a project to build the world one photo at a time.

Whatever you do ... do this... use the Quakr Viewr
Quakr Viewr
Try the Quakr Viewr and let us know what you think.
  1. See the potential to build a world in 3d from your photos.
  2. Tag your photos with the necessary data (glastonbury special).
  3. Navigate around your photos in their 3d environment.

Current release : αlphα 0.36 - times and scroll wheel implemented!

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Other Quakr Tools and Applications
Quakr Taggr

We've built a Taggr application which should help you with the tagging of your photos [stage 2 above].

The Quakr 7D tiltometer

The Quakr 7D-tiltometer is built and field-tested.

The Quakr Greasemonkey scripts

We've written a couple of Greasemonkey scripts to link to the viewr from google maps and flickr images.
Flickr Phrase
If you're here to get a Flickr Phrase like the one in the top left of this page, simply follow the two step instructions and please check back here to see how Quakr progresses.